Inter-Generational Healing

Inter-Generational Healing

Healing The Ancestal Red Thread

Author: Christina Manfredi

Healing The Ancestal Red Thread: How re-membering and re-establishing a connection to our ancestors and their embodied history can heal in the family line.

The future has an Ancient Heart

– Giorgio Galli

There is a saying that in order to fully appreciate who we are and where and how we belong to place and community in the here and now it is important to understand and appreciate where we come from, and to reconnect with our past and ancestral heritage.

In remembering our embodied connection to the sacred whole – our ancestors, and place/s of origin we are offered an opportunity to face the ancestral stories and wounds that live within our tissue, blood, bone, and to discover and embrace the healing resources and spiritual medicines that have are bequeathed to us through the sacred legacies of our spiritual and genetic heritage.

Every cell in our body contains our ancestors’ genetic and spiritual blueprint. Historical information that goes back generations is encoded within our own DNA. This refers not only refers to the way we look or an orientation to certain health conditions, but also includes the psychological stories of hope and fear experienced by our ancestors.

It is in the re-membering and re-establishing a connection to our ancestors and their embodied history that we have an opportunity to heal what has not yet been healed in the family line. We can identify what has been passed down to us as patterns of distress and contraction, old and currently unwarranted survival responses, and bring healing to these wounds for ourselves, and the future descendants.  Our ancestors across all continents speak of any wounding in the family line traveling at a minimum of 7 generations into the future of our descendants if left unhealed.

Ancestral patterns of distress can present as long standing patterns in the family line of mental health issues, re-occurring family physical health concerns, traumatic and injurious family themes, consistent patterns of “bad luck”, long standing patterns of substance abuse, history of suicides in the family, family shame and secrets, and emotional states that feel to be ancient beyond this life time.

Each of us exists purely by the fact that our ancestors creatively adapted to the environment at an instinctual, physical, intellectual, psychological, and spiritual, energetic level. Their capacity to adapt to their internal and external environment ensured their survival in sometimes very harsh and unforgiving circumstances. Deeply encoded within us are not solely their wounds and shadow dense energy pieces but also their resources, their Light and their capacity to bring life. Not only can we learn from the ancestral stories that lives within us, we can heal and grow for ourselves and offer our descendants healing possibilities by re-connecting, nourishing the spiritual, psychological and physical resources within us.

This is all possible by accessing what has been referred to as the “morphogenetic field”, “the informing field”, “the knowing field”, and with attention to epigenetics research, and the methods of somatic archeology.

If there are re-occurring patterns of family distress that impact upon you, or you are finding that conventional psychological therapy is limited in activating changes to the life patterns you struggle with consider working with inter-generational and ancestral healing.

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Christina is professionally trained in somatic archeology, somatic and shamanic regression techniques, along side psychological therapy. She understands and integrates the significance of epigenetics research within ancestral therapeutic work.

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