Christina Manfredi

Principle Owner & Director

Clinical Psychotherapist Perth – Gestalt Therapist – Psychological Counsellor, & Trauma Therapist

Employment History

Christina Manfredi - Clinical Psychotherapist Perth – Gestalt Therapist – Psychological Counsellor – Transpersonal Therapist & Trauma Therapist at Fremantle Counselling & Transpersonal & Shamanic Psychotherapy & Counselling Perth

Private Practice established in 1998.


Joint Proprietor of Fremantle Counselling & Psychological Services. Please see full website for complete range of services.


Proprietor & Creative Director of Transpersonal Psychotherapy & Counselling Australia. Please see website for services


Professional Psychotherapist for Mind Medicine Australia


Supervisor for other qualified and registered Clinical Therapists working in Mental, and Psychological Wellness – on-going.


Supervisor of Students from the University of Western Australia, Curtin, and Murdoch, &  Notre Dame – on-going.



Prior to Private Practice I worked as a therapist in the following organisations:


Fremantle Women’s Health Centre

Senior Therapist for Individual and Couples, & Counselling Manager. Individual, group counselling and programs developed for women experiencing depression, anxiety, grief, and trauma. Developed a group for partners of women experiencing antenatal depression/anxiety and postnatal depression and anxiety, and programs for senior women. Also provided clinical supervision for all counselling staff.


Roe Street Centre For Human Relationships

FPWA: Senior Individual & Couples Therapist in the area of sexual health, intimacy concerns, sexual therapy, fertility concerns/IVF treatments, unplanned pregnancy, GBLT, and mental health. Also lectured at universities regarding sexual health. Provided supervision to other clinical staff.


Sexual Assault Resource Centre

Clinical Therapist & Supervisor: Supporting individual women and men, and groups in recovery from sexual abuse/assault. Provided supervision to other therapists and students.  Also provided training for police responding to victims of sexual violence. Delivered a service for men in Casuarina prison who had been sexually abused/assaulted.


Relationships Australia

Child & Family Clinical Therapist for children (aged 4 to 16) who experienced sexual trauma and domestic violence. Provided therapeutic services directly to children and the protective parent and caregivers.


Lynks Counselling Service

Clinical Therapist for young people and families affected by mental health, trauma, and grief concerns. Developed groups for women suffering with symptoms of trauma. Facilitated the first non-government DBT (Dialectic Behaviour Therapy) program within a community organisation.


Community Psychiatric Support Services

Individual therapeutic support services for people suffering from acute mental health concerns. Developed and delivered training in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for mental health volunteer support workers.


Armadale Community Development

Child Protection Social Worker. 6 month secondment.


Mofflyn Child and Family Care Services

Individual, Couples and Family Therapist for families with young children. Worked therapeutically with children and parent/caregivers where issues of grief, trauma, mental health, and parenting issues were present.


Cerebral Palsy Association

Therapist for Individuals and Families affected by a diagnosis of cerebral palsy.

Prior to working as a therapist my employment included:

 Secretarial Assistant to Managing Director of Financial Company

Proprietor of Coffee, & Video Lounge: Western Australia

Travel Agent for Frames Tours Travel UK

 Before arriving in Australia I travelled the world for 6 year living and working in different cultures. My work there included employment as a cleaner, teaching English, and bar and restaurant work.


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