Christina Manfredi

Principle Creative Founder & Director

Clinical Psychotherapist Perth – Gestalt & Existential Therapist – Psychological Counsellor – Transpersonal/Spiritual Therapist, & Trauma Therapist

What I Offer

Christina Manfredi - Clinical Psychotherapist Perth – Gestalt Therapist – Psychological Counsellor – Transpersonal Therapist & Trauma Therapist at Fremantle Counselling & Transpersonal & Shamanic Psychotherapy & Counselling Perth

Beyond right and wrong
There is a field
I meet you there.

– Rumi

I offer a safe and confidential environment that brings a personalised, integrative and holistic therapeutic approach to your specific needs and desire for change. The therapy and psycho-spiritual counselling that I offer is very practical and resourcing. Primarily I facilitate a space where you can enter into a deeper relationship with your own truth and inner wisdom, the focus being a reclaiming of your own life and self healing capacity for a more choiceful and meaningful life. The counselling or therapy itself is an opportunity to drop into your interior life and to taste the truth of your living experience, personal power and inner consent and authority.  In this regard all aspects of your unique self and experience are respected, Spiritual, Soul, Psychological, Emotional, Physical, Sexual, and Relational.

I have a particular interest in how psychological mental health is inter-related to our overall physical and existential, spiritual-soul health and the interface of this with the scientific findings in neuroscience. I remain fascinated by the relationship between the conscious and unconscious mind, and have witnessed the power of as Jung stated ““Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.

One of the guiding principals of my therapeutic approach is the encouragement towards self responsibility and aware choiceful living. I consider that we all have free will and are self determining in how to respond to a situation before us. We create the meaning of our lives and our destiny via the choices we make. It is ultimately the meanings we ascribe to our existence, our values, morals, and ethics, and our conscience that drive our purpose in life. Taking responsibility for what lies within the unconscious and how it is directing our choices and behaviours out of awareness is vital to transformation and self healing.

Undeniably pain, suffering and uncertainty within life is at times unavoidable. Life can be hard and when faced with difficult situations within ourselves, or in our relationships, and a rapidly changing and confusing world. It may seem that we have little choice or capacity to change our situation or what may feel like our ‘fate’. During these times we can often resort to old automatic conditioned ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving that no longer serve us or the situation at hand. Simultaneously we may feel that we do not have the skills or resources to respond any differently. This in itself may lead to feelings of desperation, intolerable anxiety, emptiness, depression, despair, helplessness, and possibly even suicidal thoughts. These are tough times, the dark night of the soul, feelings of a psychic vacuum, and what the Buddhists refer to as ‘the realms of the hungry ghosts’. These are times to hold hope, for where there is hope there is always life. One thing I have learnt is that life whilst filled with joy through to despair, it is miraculous.  It can change in an instance with one choice, and it is up to us if we are willing to embrace the unique choice before us that grows life. Sometimes that takes great courage and a continued compassion towards ourselves.

It is during these times we may all need help and direction from another in privacy and confidentaily. The therapy that I offers respects that  self-healing is actually an ‘inside’ choiceful subjective resourcing experience. Our body-mind-spirit holds an intelligence and magnificent orientation towards health and healing and what it may be that we may need to face and accept. We just need to be supported to re-member how to listen inward to what really matters to us, and allow and trust the instinctual intuitive direction and ultimate source of that healing.

My role when working with you is as a clinically trained attuned and intuitive therapist that can provide witness to your unique experience and to assist you with accessing your innate, and environmental healing resources and possibilities.  I can provide support, specific skill building if needed, and guidance along your journey of freedom to be you, your self acceptance, your personal authority, and the fuller expression of your unique meaning, purpose and true self.

What I offer you is an opportunity to compassionately and respectfully work together to explore what troubles you and what you truly desire, to deepen your understanding, awareness and insight of what it is that must firstly be released, or  strengthen and grown, and finally integrated so that a liberated life can be embraced. In order for the new to be fully born a space of understanding and acceptance of what has been and what is must be made before the life you desire can be actively intentioned, resourced and manifested. As needed I can assist you in developing further skills and personal resources in accordance with your values and integrity to intentionally seed and bring about the change that will serve your health & wellbeing, your unique vision, goals and purpose.

You are the responsive transformative force, the core active participant in your own wellbeing. Ultimately your healing rests within your own choices and self response-ability. I hold a space for all possibilities and offer support for you in your healing journey.

And the day came when the risk that it took to bud
Was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.

– Anais Nin

Additionally I specialise in Transpersonal Psychotherapy & Counselling, an innovative project. Detailed information regarding Transpersonal Psychotherapy & Counselling services can be found at

*Please note that Transpersonal Psychotherapy & Counselling  is not covered by Medicare Australia. Strictly only clinical treatment is covered by Medicare.

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