Dr Julie E'Silva

Dr Clinical Psychology; Logotherapist/Existential Therapist, & Somatic Experiencing Therapist
BA(Psych) BA Hons (Psych) MA (Clinical Psych) Phd (Psych)

Logotherapist/Existential Therapist; Trauma Therapist


My Therapeutic Approach

Dr Julie E’Silva - Clinical Psychologist; Logotherapist/Existential Therapist; Trauma Therapist

My therapeutic orientation is deeply informed by a relational, existential, somatic, and spiritual approaches to wellbeing within a clinical context.  I have researched and trained in number of other modalities and upon meeting we can discuss what may be best required to meet your need for positive change.

It has been interesting for me to work with individuals and couples, and note how psychological ‘stuckness’ can often be as a result of past-unresolved trauma.  These traumatic events, from the ‘there-and-then’ of the past, often have the most bizarre and illogical links to the ‘here-and-now’.

Assisting couples with their illogical challenges within the dynamic of their relationship, is an area of work from which I derive significant meaning. I tend to work individually with each member of a relationship, as well as engage with the relationship context in therapy as well, whether this be a couple, family context or friendship struggle.

It is my firm conviction, that until we get real with ourselves, nothing of real meaning can emerge.  I encourage the idea of finding your authentic connection with yourself, to facilitate deep and meaningful connections with others. Interpersonal relationships, trauma and personal empowerment, are areas of particular interest to me. I am passionate about assisting those on a healing therapeutic journey, that I view as one, where  you ‘take your rightful place’,  ‘step into your space’ and recognise your potential, optimising your full psychological, spiritual and physiological capacity.

I also extend an invitation to other allied health professionals, and all who are in positions of power and leadership. These roles can often feel lonely or heavy, where there is a feeling of having no-one to lean on for support, guidance and assistance. At times, some of the struggles relate to expending long hours caring, supporting and being responsible for others, or large teams of people, and the challenges and impact, that this can have.

More specifically I am able to engage with you utilising a variety of other schools of thought and apply them therapeutically when appropriate. These include:

  • Logotherapy/Existentialism
  • Somatic Experiencing
  • Psycho-dynamic approaches
  • Family Systems approach
  • Transactional Analysis
  • Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy
  • Positive Psychology
  • Ego States Therapy
  • Meditation
  • Deeper States of Relaxation
  • Breath regulation for anxiety

Phone Julie: (08) 9430 9533 or 0437 286 623
Email: enquiries@fremantlecounselling.com.au