Dr Julie E'Silva

Dr Clinical Psychology; Logotherapist/Existential Therapist, & Somatic Experiencing Therapist
BA(Psych) BA Hons (Psych) MA (Clinical Psych) Phd (Psych)

Logotherapist/Existential Therapist; Trauma Therapist

Professional Biography

Dr Julie E’Silva - Clinical Psychologist; Logotherapist/Existential Therapist; Trauma Therapist

This is an invitation. An invitation to join me in a therapeutic encounter, where you can explore some of your challenges, goals, aspirations and stuckness.  The therapeutic relationship can be an influential space to reconnect with your core self, with others and, to rekindle a positive future perspective for yourself. It is understood from within a therapeutic mindset, that many of us have been wounded in relationships and, it is within relationship that much healing can take place. The therapeutic relationship space can lead to life changing corrective experiences.

I value and offer a safe and contained talk space, and recognise the power of talking through our issues in an atmosphere of empathy, care and support. This is what I aim to provide to support a healing therapeutic relationship.

I strongly believe that life can be good for us. The direction of life, our attitudes, as well as our dreams are within the realm of our individual control.  Choice to change is within our grasp. These choices and changes may be in terms of your beliefs, your lifestyle, your psychological fitness levels, your work, partnership and any number of different things.  Our attitude can often affect the ‘altitude at which we are mentally flying’. I am reminded about the old song…”I believe I can fly”. The power of our mindset, our beliefs, our minds, can be the window to our soul finding wings. It is my view that the lens through which we see ourselves, our lives and our world, can obstruct us, keep us stuck, or, open us up to new avenues of meaning and purpose.

Psychological fitness training is a core belief I hold. I do encourage my clients to turn over every stone, of every belief they have, to examine what might be going on in their thinking patterns. Our history often misinforms us, or limits us, but we have the choice and the ability to change our mindset, and to explore the accuracy of some of the beliefs that wall us in, even imprisoning us.

Working as a clinical psychologist over the last 16 years, I have learned to incorporate these ways of thinking and being in my training as a Logotherapist. In working logotherapeutically, the focus falls on creating more meaning and purpose in your current situation, and considering your goals, aspirations and intentions for your future.  It is exciting to realise that change and choices are good for the soul and we can be part of the flow of life in an optimistic way.  I like to provide a safe space for my clients where this can be explored. A safe place, where stuckness can be examined from the perspective of where you might have become blocked with unresolved issues. These issues are often due to unseen and unprocessed forms of traumatic energy, stored in the body from past, emotionally overwhelming experiences. In our therapeutic encounter together, I will work hard at facilitating a space for you as my client, where you can feel safe, contained, heard, validated and inspired to lead the life you were destined to live. Adopting a new, positivistic attitude, and taking the reigns of responsibility of your life in your hands, you can ride on your own forgotten intrinsic power, towards gaining a new perspective on your life.

It is my invitation to you, to make the decision to explore your inner landscape and re-discover, even remember who you truly are, redefine who you want to be and overcome any challenges, complications and other struggles that may be daunting you. These may be bereavement, career changes, work obstacles, such as loss, work challenges, relationship breakdowns, trauma, stress, anxiety or whatever is confronting you.

I invite clients to explore together with me, their work, love, challenges, suffering, future orientation, values and meanings in their life, as well as meaning of their life. Victor Frankl the creator of Logotherapy, regarded conscience as a meaning organ, and as such, it will work in a similar way to that of a compass, guiding us in the direction we need to go, when the meaning potentials in our lives may be obscured.


Professional Licensure
  • August 2014 – Present  |  AHPRA  Licensed psychologist – Clinical Endorsement  |  Australia – Registration number:  PSY0001839578
  • May 2005 – Present  |  Licensed Clinical Psychologist in South Africa with HPCSA  |  Registration number: PS 0091421


  • SETI – Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute
  • APS – Australian Psychological Association
  • VFIA – Victor Frankl Institute of Australia


Professional Certifications
  • January 2010 – Present | Diplomat Logotherapist (as per teachings of Dr Victor Frankl)
  • January 2013 – Present  |  Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (as per training of Dr Peter Levine)


  • Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency- PSY0001839578

Areas of Professional Experience

My professional work experience has encompassed working with the resolution of the following concerns:

  • Pre marital counselling
  • Couples/Marital Challenges
  • Divorce
  • Family disputes
  • Blended Family Concerns
  • Spiritual Guidance
  • Mentoring/coaching
  • Work Conflicts
  • Grief
  • Loss of Self Empowerment
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Life Adjustment
  • Immigration
  • Trauma (Personal, Collective, & Workplace)
  • Post Traumatic Stress
  • Anxiety & Depression
  • Addiction
  • Loss of Meaning & Purpose
  • Attention Deficient Disorder

Referral and rebates that may apply to you

  • Medicare rebates apply with a Mental Health care Plan from your Doctor
  • Self-referrals are welcomed
  • Private Health Fund rebates may apply

Skype & Online Services

If you do not live in Perth and would still like to access services, I am able to provide online services including video conferencing sessions on Skype, or Facetime platforms.

General Information