Agnes Tay

Psychotherapist Perth – Gestalt & Existential Therapist – Psychological Counsellor
Couples & Family Therapist


My Therapeutic Approach

Therapeutic approaches have embedded views of personhood and mental health: what it means to be human, how we look at issues, and how we cope.


Reflecting my own experiences of being from a Chinese family, and growing up in Australia, I hold an integrated view of personhood from both Eastern and Western views.


I believe in the self-actualising and human potential view of personhood that focuses on hope, freedom and authentic connection within ourselves and with others.


I believe that we all have within us the core capacities to cope with life’s experiences more effectively and less destructively.  These core capacities are:


  • the capacity to love (to give and to receive)
  • the capacity to express
  • the capacity to envision and imagine


These capacities require us to become self-aware and to know ourselves.

Through awareness we move from reacting,
through to having choice,
to having the ability to respond.

Psychotherapy practices of self-awareness and mindfulness are deeply informed by meditation and other Buddhist practices.  I work within the Eastern wisdom traditions of interconnectedness and spirituality, and the values of understanding, compassion and loving kindness.


Phone Agnes: (08) 9430 9533 or 0455 273 426