My Therapeutic Approach

My Therapeutic Approach

“Amidst the uncertainty that troubles us we each have the seed of an Authentic & Empowering Unique Self that is waiting to be nourished, to blossom and be fully lived.” – Christina Manfredi

The foundation of my therapeutic approach is practical and holistically  based on contemporary research in the areas of positive psychology, psychotherapy, integrative medicine findings, and neuroscience. I have integrated this research and training with body-mind healing, and ancient wisdom approaches for the experience of wellbeing and a sense of personal meaning and fulfilment in life. Foremost the therapeutic approach that I offer looks to work with the innate intelligent self organising and self healing principle in your mind-body-spirit whose purpose is to maintain your health and wellbeing. In this regard your unique and intelligent true self and health is strengthened so that you can live the life that you truly desire.

The holistic counselling approach that I specialise in primarily draws upon trainings in Gestalt Therapy and Mindfulness, Psychoneuroimmunology, Interpersonal Neurobiology, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Transpersonal Psychology & Consciousness Studies, Body-Mind Psychotherapy, Trauma Therapies, Attachment/Connection Processes, and Family of Origin Patterns & Ancestral Healing Work. I also have 25 years experience in Yoga and Qigong and contemporary PsychoSpiritual  practices that support recovery from depression, anxiety, and trauma. Whilst the approach that I offer arises from the clinical contexts of my training, the therapeutic work that I offer is also intuitively informed.

I believe in the healing capacity of your human spirit, the innate self healing and intelligent wisdom of your body, relationship, nature, and your creative capacity for awareness, choice and informed action. I consider that we have a physical, emotional, intuitive, thinking, relational, energetic, and spiritual nature and that we exist within a broader interconnected web of life that includes the health & vitality of our precious earth.

The therapy that I offer honors all aspects of your unique Self in respecting the relationship between your inner, and outer world with others and your relationship with the fullness of Life itself. In the therapy we start with your present experience and awareness to identify precisely what it is that limits you from living a full, connected and meaningful life. We then continue in releasing any old and unhelpful beliefs, patterned  responses, blocks and attachments. I can then assist you in accessing, and further developing awareness skills to strengthen personal resources and action necessary for a more empowered, meaningful, and satisfying connection with your Self, Others, and your Broader World.

I believe in the healing capacity of the human spirit, relationship, and nature

Depending upon your needs we may draw on any of the following therapeutic approaches that I have trained in: